Secrets of the Twelve

The Children of Wyr

Session 1

“The Children of Wyr”
Previously in the Eberron Campaign

  • The party was tasked by House Deneith to find 15 children of the city of Wyr who had been reported missing in the Ghantwoods.
  • The party confront two centaur that were guarding a fey gateway believed to lead the location of the missing children. After requests to enter the portal were denied Beyonce began aggressive negotiations for admittance.
  • A satyr (Syln) offers the party entry through the doorway. Syln is shot in the leg by Nyx and grappled by Beyonce. Syln now denys demands for entry and flees.
  • After the guards were incapacitated, the means to pass through the gate was discovered.
    The party finds the children being held in a trance held by two faerie dragons. A druid of the Gatekeepers, Mhuuren, stands by and explains why the children were taken and offers a quest for the party- find the evil within Wyr, and find Mhuuren’s brother (Colfer).
  • Hanzzo and Beyonce find emaciated steer near Wyr, and meet a ranger (Tigit) who explains that no female wild deer and elk have been seen in the woods for months.
  • The party visits Wyr’s tavern where it appears nearly the whole village are enjoying themselves. Half of the women there are holding a newborn child.
  • Hijinkes ensue. Taco seduces a bargoer and gets stabbed by Nyx.
  • The town bell tolls and the villagers enter a trance as they march out into the town square.
  • The party inspects the villagers and the town center- finding hand-sized leeches attached to the neck of every newborn child, and a drainage grate that looks to lead someplace.

*The party climbs through the drainage and drops into a network of hallways and rooms under the town.

  • In the rooms they find: a pack of female deer and elk. The frightened pack reveals to the druid, Shynee, that they were being experimented on.
  • A young Otyugh is confronted and quickly dispatched.

*Little Dragon finds a bowl filled with a silver fluid. In the fluid swim several leeches identical to those found on the children’s necks. Taco says, “Fuck this crazy shit” and sets the tapestries on fire. The party loots the rooms (Nyx: gold claw-like book holder; Little Dragon: vial of the silver fluid)

*The party resurfaces next to the town hall and observes a Mind Flayer gutting the remains of Colfer (Mhuuren’s brother) for a ritual as the villagers look on- chanting and slurring in unison, still entranced.

*The party ambushes the Mind Flayer, who is caught off guard and quickly battered. The Flayer reals away from the interlopers and vanishes in a blur of black mist.

*The villagers incomprehensible chanting abruptly halts as they say, “To dust”, and each burn to ashes in a single moment.

*The party recovers Colfer’s Druidic headdress and return it to Mhuuren. They tell him of their findings in Wyr. Mhuuren decides to take the 15 children to Oalian, the Druidic leader and Great Tree of the Eldeen Reaches. The party decides to return to House Deneith in Fairhaven to conclude their assignment.



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